What is Dream Runners?

Dream Runners means to run for a dream; do it for a common cause that unites us in the effort; turning a single sporting challenge into a collective that goes far beyond; enjoying exercise and solidarity; ultimately giving meaning and hope to each mile we run.

What do we want to do?

We want to unite the concepts of running, fundraising and solidarity.

Our mission is to promote the practice of running and channel it towards the involvement, by the runners, to fundraise for the benefit of charitable causes.

Why do we want to do this?

Long distance runners tend to possess a set of values: effort, discipline, health, perseverance… However, in amateur long distance running races, all this energy only benefits the runner himself – when he reaches his goal.  Dream Runners wants to transform this enormous individual potential by adding a second challenge that is as ambitious as the first: the involvement of our runners in a charitable cause that unites us in a common effort.

How do we want to do it?

  • Creating a Dream Runners Team that brings us together to face a double challenge; sport and charity, participating in race and/or other activities encouraged by the team.
  • Improving the fundraising efforts of Dream Runners by getting involved in the charitable causes that we support and encourage involvement by our peers.
  • Participating and/or organizing charitable races with the support and collaboration of different groups and public and/or private organizations.
  • Creating a community founded by the runners themselves and by colleagues in different fields related to sports (sports medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy, coaches, etc…)
  • Spreading a positive and proactive message to society, contributing actively to create a better and fairer world.

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