Run in a special race organized by Dream Runners

Running for a Dream

Instructions to run a special race organized directly by Dream Runners

Dream Runners organize special charitable races and anyone can register to participate in these events (there is no need to be a member of the Dream Runners Team to sign up). Although you have to register for the race through the website of the company contracted to organize the event, if you also register on the Dream Runners web site, you may raise funds through our web site and help us realize our common goal of Running for a Dream (a charitable cause).

1st step

You have to register for the race through the official race web page (normally a company specialized in race registrations). You will find this information and a link to the registration page under “Races” on the Dream Runners web site and by clicking the race you would like to run.

Step 2

After completing the registration for the race, you have to fill out the online form below. Once your registration information has been reviewed by Dream Runners, your profile page will appear on our web site together with your personal “marker” which will reflect the amount of money you raise for the cause. (The race registration fee will already be reflected on your fund raising marker).