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Tips from Carlos Farré

Breakfast before a marathon or long preparation run
Fri, 22/02/2013

Today’s advice is linked to breakfast before a marathon or a long preparation run (30km). This Sunday, the Dream Runners that are interested are invited to a demanding workout: we will go to Monjuich and finish in Premiá (almost 32 km). 

Tips from Carles Farré

The secrets and importance of drinking while running
Sun, 10/03/2013


Water, minerals and vitamins

Nutrition in sports

Performing a physical activity creates a greater need for certain minerals, and it removes more minerals with increased perspiration as a result of the strain.


Energetic Necessities

Nutrition in sports

Practicing sports requires a well-trained and well-nourished body, and therefore to follow the general guidelines of a balanced diet.  Professional athletes have specific nutritional requirements unique for their particular situation and sporting activity, and specialists define these requirement